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Rossitza Kramen has graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and the High School of Art in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. Wth a specialization in ceramics, Rossitza has participated in art exhibitions around the world. A multi-talented artist, she uses painting and sculpture to evoke vivid imagery and emotion. Her paintings emphasize the beauty, grace, and color of life, of people, of human relationships. She strives to fully and accurately represent the emotions of happiness, bliss and tranqlility.

In the 1990's she embarked on a creativity tour to France, whose spirit, lifestyles, and passion left an indelible mark on her art. She has participated in exhibitions in Rennes, Bordeaux, and Paris.

She held five one-person shows in Bulgaria:

2010 Warner Brothers Park Art Fair

2009 Gatsby Art and Jazz Festival, Malibu VIDEO

1999-2006 Regularly participates in shows at the Newman Gallery in Washington DC

2000 - One-person show at Gallery 21 in Pasadena, CA

1999 - One-person show at the Bulgarian Embassy in New York, NY

1999 - One-person show at the Newman Gallery in Washington, DC

1997 - One-person show at the "Art Club" gallery in Sofia

1996 - One-person show at "Nava" gallery in Sofia

1993 - One-person show of paintings and ceramic miniatures at the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Sofia

1989 - Participation in competition in ceramics in Faenza, Italy

1983 - Participation in ceramic exhibition in Vallauris, France

1983 - Second exhibition of paintings in Sofia

1982 - First exhibition of paintings in Veliko Tarnovo

Her exhibition of 1993 in Sofia was attended by the President of Bulgaria and received high acclaim in the press, TV and among the critics.

An important part of her creative work is dedicated to monumental plastic art. Her garden sculptures and decorative figures shape the artistic exterior of the Youth House and the Hall of Ceremonies in the city of Blagoevgrad in Bulgaria. She has created the interior ceramic elements of the Plisca Hotel - one of the most prestigious in Sofia

During her artistic career, Rossitza worked as a fashion designer for a cotton company and a costume designer and metal work craftsperson for motion pictures and TV series. She did graphic design for a number of publishers, including her own publishing house.

In 1997 Rossitza moved to Los Angeles and has lived there ever since.



VIDEO: Gatsby Jazz and Art Festival, Malibu, 2009